Pawndamonium (v1.02)

I wanted to add a few more changes to this game to make it "feature complete" before working on the full game. I figure that this will become the "demo" of the game while I develop the full thing. A few more changes I have in mind, but I wanted to get this out there.

Change log

  • Pawns slide left or right when blocked with a locked tile
  • Fixed GameSpeed so it starts on "Medium"
  • Tiles are only highlighted when you can take an action with them
  • Healing units is half as expensive
  • Mousing over a white piece will show the move it is going to make (if any)
  • Mousing over a black piece will show it's legal moves

Files 29 MB
Version v1.02 Jan 28, 2021 29 MB
Version v1.02 Jan 28, 2021 31 MB
Version v1.02 Jan 28, 2021

Get Pawndemonium Demo [OST Jam]


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Neat idea guys :) 

Thank you! Will hopefully get another update out in a few days with the rest of the core features I want to add, then it's on to adding mechanics and more fun things :D