Pawndamonium (v1.03)

Put in a few hours this morning to knock out a few of the big things I wanted to add. Have a few more changes I want to put together before the "demo" of the game is complete and I can start to focus on making different levels and interesting progression for the full game!

Change log

  • Game stats now display when the game ends
  • Removed the context menu on the right side of the board and added a radial menu on point of click
  • Fixed bug where some previews for white pieces were attacking other white pieces
  • When a tile is locked, an icon appears on it
  • Added an arrowhead for the red line
  • Added a program icon for the game

Files 29 MB
Version v1.03 Jan 30, 2021 29 MB
Version v1.03 Jan 30, 2021 31 MB
Version v1.03 Jan 30, 2021

Get Pawndemonium Demo [OST Jam]

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