Pawndamonium (v1.04)

It's been a bit since I've posted a proper update for the game. Minnesota got incredibly cold and it sapped all my willpower to work on anything. However, there have been a bevvy of new updates for the game that I wanted to share with you all!

I have more ideas in the future, as well as working on progression for the game and different levels to play. Hope you're having fun with it!

Change log

  • Attacking/defending now works as it logically should: Attackers do damage to the defender, if the defender is still alive, the defender does damage to the attacker. If the attacker is still alive, repeat until one piece isn't.
  •  There is now a hazard tile to help illustrate that most pieces are unable to cross the spawn rank of the black/white pieces.
  • You may now manually move a piece for free. This gives you the opportunity for a double move!
  • You may now "promote" your pieces back to a pawn. This might prove to be useful in future game modes 🤔
  • You may now promote your piece to a king! The king is a tank: lots of health, very little attack. Great if you need to absorb some heavy hitters on the board.
  • Made the green board tiles a bit less green, they were interfering with the color overlays. At some point I intend on making a colorblind mode.
  • Nerfed the cost of healing; it was WAY too strong.
  • Material is given at the start of each turn and not bit by bit throughout the turn (by clicking the skip button, capturing a valuable piece, etc).
  • Interface buttons now show +/- material cost, if any.

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Version v1.04 Feb 16, 2021

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