Pawndamonium (v1.05) MAJOR revamp

I've spent the last week completely ripping apart the game and building it again. You no longer are limited to just one action per turn, but the amount of material you have available to use. This completely changes the flow of the game where it's more about moving pieces and controlling areas more than clicking "next" and hoping the pieces move in your favor.

You can also win the game by capturing four of black's tiles with a pawn before they do it to you. This brings up some fun risk/reward mechanics of spending a lot of material to move an expensive piece up, but then demoting it back to pawn.

This game still requires a good amount of balance, but I'm VERY excited with how this update reshapes the game . I'd love to hear your feedback!

Change log

  • White pawns can now lock black pawn spawners
  • You can now make as many actions as you want during your turn
  • Moving and spawning pawns now cost one material
  • Small lock icons at the top and bottom of board show how many tiles need to be captured to win/lose the game
  • UI now shows what black pieces will spawn in next
  • Pawns can now move two tiles on their first move (you can't en passant though yet, sorry)
  • Capturing knights and bishops gives 1 material, rooks 2, queens 3, kings 5
  • Tweaked the wave spawners a little, this still needs more work
  • Updated the tutorial pages to reflect all this
  • Fixed bug where mouseover prompts sometimes wouldn't trigger at the start of player's turn
  • Lots of bug fixes and minor tweaks
  • Also cleaned up a lot of memory leak issues
  • Updated game over sound (RIP, wet fart noise)

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Version v1.05 Feb 22, 2021 29 MB
Version v1.05 Feb 22, 2021 31 MB
Version v1.05 Feb 22, 2021

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