Pawndamonium (v1.06)

It's been a while since an update. I'm still trying to lock in all the mechanics and game feel. My goal is to have this finished by April, but most likely it'll run into May or June before the retail/Steam release. We'll see! Things should come together pretty quickly once the game feels right.

This update contains some really nice features and ease of use options.

Change log

  • Can drag/drop pieces to move them! Makes the game feel a lot faster
  • All pieces get one free movie, but then each extra move costs 2 material
  • Pieces are marked with a white pip when they can move for free
  • Added special abilities for all non-pawn pieces
    • Bishops can heal all friendly pieces in a radius
    • Knights can "Trample" and attack three times in a row
    • Rooks can "Skewer" and attack all enemies in a line
    • Queens can "Burst" and deal 2 damage in all directions
    • Kings can "Swap" and switch places with another friendly piece
  • Non-pawn black pieces can now spawn over pawn pieces, this counteracts blocking spawn points
  • Screen options can be toggled between Fullscreen and two Windowed sizes
  • Added a pause menu to handle game speed and other game options
  • Did rebalancing on unit attack and health to make things feel more fair

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Version v1.06 Mar 10, 2021

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