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Incredible game! Everything's so clean and juicy, though I'm left feeling that the tutorial boss was more interesting than the Kraken.

I love the impact effect on hitting the boss. That would also be the perfect place to add some screen shake, if you plan on further extending the game.


Hah! I hear ya. The Kraken boss was made in like 30 minutes with only a few hours left in the jam. I am hoping to make it a bit more interesting.

Definitely want to add some screen shake and other "juice" to the game because I really want to finish the concept out. That and sound effects. That'll really help the game too. I know what the other three bosses will be. Just gotta make them! :)


Well done so far! Very nice retro feel!

Thanks very much :D


This is such a fun game. There's something really satisfying and enjoyable about the plunge mechanic!

Thank you! I have a few more enemy ideas to round out the rest of the game. I just ran out of time with the jam because of health issues :)


Haha this is feeling great so far! Diving feels really satisfying even without the sound implemented. I did get a bit confused on the Kraken stage with the tentacles looking like something that could do damage, but I quickly figured out I need to focus in on the head. Great work as always so far!

Thanks! I'm looking forward to getting sound in there to really let the gameplay shine. Good point about the tentacles, I'll try to make 'em look more dangerous :D


it's pretty cool, really nice little arcade game :D keep it up!


Thank you! I ran out of time yesterday, but I definitely want to finish up the other three bosses and add the other finishing touches that will make it feel more like a game (like, you know, sound effects haha).

well, good luck with that then! :) can't wait to play it when it's done :D