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Color Jumper is an abstract, color-based puzzle platformer which focuses on fast, precise movement to navigate your surroundings.

Inspired by hardcore platformers like Super Meat Boy, Downwell, VVVVVV, and many others, your goal in every Color Jumper level is to reach the exit. You control a block with a different color on each side. Colored platforms are only solid when in contact with the same color of your block. Each jump rotates your block, creating a world where each jump must be planned carefully and turning levels into a twisting high-speed parkour race to the finish.

Color Jumper includes a colorblind mode! Replacing the colors with patterns allow anyone to enjoy Color Jumper.

Demo Features

  • 30 Levels
  • Time/rotation tracking and goals for each level
  • Incredibly tight and responsive controls modeled after Super Meat Boy
  • Controller support
  • Many mechanics including lasers, turrets, keys/locks, and moving platforms

Full Game Features

  • Expected release date: Late 2017
  • Over 100 levels of progressively difficult challenges
  • Speedrun mode
  • Additional graphic polish
  • Four challenging bosses
  • Updated sound effects and more music
  • Hidden collectibles unlock additional challenge levels

Update Notes

WARNING: Updating versions will reset progress.


  • This is the last major demo build. Work is now starting on the main game and more levels! :)
  • Fixed end screen time display to properly reset internal timer
  • Fixed the animation timer for pushing against a moving wall
  • A few very small quality of life changes


  • Fixed a rare and gruesome menu bug that would not only lock your current game, but also corrupt your save data so you couldn't play any more.
  • As a response to possible future errors like this, a hidden keyboard command on the menu (right shift + right control + insert) will force clear your saved data. This probably won't last forever, but seems necessary for the time being while these menu glitches are sorted out.
  • Fixed several more minor menu glitches.
  • Fixed player jiggle when jumping up against a wall.
  • Added ending screen after beating level 29, will display various stats.
  • Enabling loop/speedrun mode on main menu will also display best time.


  • Updated main menu glitches that caused freezes and unexpected behavior.
  • Added a brief loading screen on application open.
  • Better handling of windowed mode, will now pause the game when not in an ideal resolution. Can be overridden if that's just how you roll. :)
  • Updated a handful of level layouts for better flow.
  • Removed Unity configuration menu.
  • Updated control scheme so "jump" and "menu select" aren't the same control. Derp.
  • Player can now jump with up, w, or space bar.
  • Updated several animations.
  • Quality of life updates.


  • Added secret "platinum" medals to some levels for additional time challenges.
  • Reduced jump cooldown time from 0.1s to 0.075s.
  • Removed horizontal velocity canceling when hitting an enemy from the side.
  • Added an input controller to clean up weird extra inputs (like jumping with left alt?)
  • Time/rotation level UI now displays the medal you've earned for it.
  • Level name display only happens once per level, not when you die or restart the level.
  • Half second pause on level load for character spawn animation.
  • Fixed bug where player can jump off inside of block by hitting it from the inside on the "bottom" (it was weird)
  • Fixed wall slide particles from getting "stuck"
  • Player is now jiggly ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Fixed wall jump mechanics so they are more reliable.
  • Player now does not get wall jump lenience off black blocks.
  • If gold time is achieved in a level, the UI will display your personal best (PB) time
  • Fixed background color so it matches perfectly with the camera.
  • Updated goal animation!

  • Menu broken into a submenu for features other than volume.
  • Menu now has a fullscreen/windowed toggle. Still a work in progress, but it works!
  • Menu now has a language option to cater to those who spell "color" weird. :)
  • Toggling colorblind mode changes parts of the menu screen.
  • Reset stats was moved into the submenu.
  • Pressing up on level select now allows you to loop the same level over and over.
  • Fixed main menu bug where holding left/right on level select and moving down to volume made volume move very fast :o
  • Removed Greenlight logo from the main menu (yay!)
  • Fixed menu bug where you could enter level and reset stats at the same time. Found by Twitch user TheMilkGirl47
  • Pressing up on level 00 now engaged speedrun mode.
  • Speedrun mode changes UI timer and now tracks your progress throughout the entire game.
  • Splits are calculated off your best overall speedrun time, these splits are not related to non-speedrun level completions.
  • Collectibles won't spawn in speedrun mode.

Prior patch notes inside _PATCHNOTES.txt in game ZIP

More information

Published 1 year ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date 1 year ago
AuthorTall Beard Studios
TagsAbstract, color, jumper
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, XBox 360 controllers
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, Textless
LinksSteam Greenlight, Twitter, Homepage


Color Jumper DEMO Win v1.0.8.zip (42 MB)
Color Jumper DEMO Linux v1.0.8.zip (45 MB)
Color Jumper DEMO Mac v1.0.8.zip (45 MB)

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