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Hi Tallbeard! Found your game in the itch discord. This felt very polished for a jam submission! Am really interested in seeing what you will add in the future. Maybe some lore content and more upgrades?

Anyway, I just wanted to add that the effect you have (Chromatic aberration/lens distortion, I believe) is a tad too strong. Text at the bottom left corner felt a little dizzying to read. But otherwise, solid game!

Heya! Thanks for the feedback :) This is my first time using Unity effect volumes so I definitely think things need to be tuned a bit more on that front. I like the general style it gives but I agree it can be a lot.

I definitely have some ideas on lore and progression. Hope to get to that over the next few months when I have time :D


The concept is very interesting!

Thanks! I'm looking forward to messing with it more in the future :D


This is a teaser for a game to be sure. Not sure where this is going but I like it.


Thank you! I wish I had the time to make a few more enemies to better show the game's progression, but rest assured I'll get to that in the coming months :)