Hyperthread (v0.04) Post-Jam updates

Hey all! I'm so happy with all the great feedback I've received on Hyperthread!

One of the big things with a recent patch is that the game now loads properly with ultrawide monitors! Sorry about that oversight; some of us just aren't as cool as you thicc monitor friends <3

The majority of the other changes are related to back-end code and general game flow, but there were a few notable additions:


  • Escape now brings up a pause menu in the main game
  • More particle effects!
  • Boss death explosion because of course
  • More animations for things like health bars
  • Toned back the chromatic abberation a bit
  • Centered the timer text and set it to monospaced so it doesn't jiggle around when the numbers change
  • Lots of little things I probably forgot

Right now I'm looking to find the right amount of content to end the demo and start working on the full game. My problem with Pawndamonium was that the demo just kinda turned into the full game. Not really a bad thing, just want to see what I can do with this. Here are my thoughts for next (and final) demo update.

DEMO MVP (minimum viable product):

  • Another new enemy which have its own unique flavor
  • A shop between rounds which lets you upgrade your buttons and shot power
  • Boss health increases exponentially after each victory
  • An option to fight the final boss after every match, you get stronger, but so does the boss!
  • A "final boss" which can showcase a new mechanic or two I was thinking of that can act as a grand finale of the demo

Once that's done, I'll start gauging interest on a more full and robust game featuring progression, bosses, and all that fun stuff. Thanks for your support so far! Looking forward to working on it more! <3


hyperthread-win.zip 28 MB
Version v0.04 May 02, 2021
hyperthread-mac.zip 38 MB
Version v0.04 May 02, 2021
hyperthread-linux.zip 44 MB
Version v0.04 May 02, 2021

Get Hyperthread Demo [OST Jam]

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