Over 100 songs are included in this pack, I'm including the most recent ones (and a few of my older favorites) above because the player has a hard time loading all of them to preview.

If you use any of these songs, please let me know! I'd love to see the game you made. Also, I maintain an itch collection featuring all the games where the music is used 馃グ

It's not required, but if you'd like to credit me, please use the artist name "Abstraction" and link to either this page (https://tallbeard.itch.io/music-loop-bundle) or the Abstraction homepage (https://abstractionmusic.com/). Thank you!

While these songs are free to download, if you do plan on earning revenue off your game (either through ads, microtransactions, or direct sales), please consider contributing a few dollars to the project or subscribing to my Patreon to help support making even more music in the future!

Huge thanks to torcado and the amazing Scritch player for song playback so I can stop relying on Soundcloud's jank.

LICENSE CC-0 (Public Domain)


To the extent possible under law, Abstraction Music and Tallbeard Studios has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to the music contained in this asset pack. This work is published from the United States.

All assets are available to use in any commercial or non-commercial project, and may be modified in any way the user chooses.

Finally, although permitted within the license terms, Abstraction and Tallbeard Studios do not endorse the use of these assets in any projects relating to NFTs, AI/Machine Learning, or direct resale of unmodified assets. 

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Hi! I used your wonderful music in my entry for the 1-bit game jam #3!


Thank you!!!


We used this in our first game and game jam, thanks for making these!


That's fantastic, congrats on the release! I love how double jumping is you throwing your hammer down, that's a great touch. You got some tough levels in here but I made it to the end! :)

I'm glad you liked it, thanks for playing. :)

Hi there, I just wanted to say thanks for producing these wonderful tracks and making them available for us to use. I have used several tracks from this collection in my free to play NaNoRenO visual novel submission Re: Calling Amber. Definitely will use more in the future as well.!

Hey awesome! It's great to hear you dig the music :) I haven't heard of NaNoRenO before but that's such a great premise! I do the NaSoAlMo (Solo Album in a month) every November so I know those timed challenges really get you moving :) I can't imagine writing a whole visual novel in a month, sounds like so much work!

Awesome asset I'm still unsure how you got sample audio to be displayed in such a way, and suggestions ?


Heya, I used the Scritch Editor to put together the playlist :)


Cool, thank you very much I always wondered about them :D  Awesome samples btw!


Yeah, it's a great tool. Takes a bit to fully understand how it works, but I like how flexible it is in presenting the music. And thanks for the kind words on the music.


Thanks for the Music! I used one song in my game "Duck Side Down".

Super cool idea with the flipping to add depth to the puzzles. I dig it :D


Amazing work! I used a couple of these in my game :)

Read the PDF included in the game download. Really good writing! I'll have to check out the game when I have a few minutes :)


amazing , may i use them in my top down pixel game?
Ill make sure to give you the credits in the credits section.

Hi! Yes, you absolutely can use these songs! I appreciate including me in the credits too. Would love to see your game when it gets released too :)


you are talented!

Thanks for your great music, soundtracks!
i will let you know when i use them in a game!

Thank you! I'm glad you like the songs, hope you get some good use out of them :)

(1 edit) (-1)

Hey, great collection, thanks! This just saved the bg music for an experimental AI video I made! I used the Patreon Challenge - 02 song. Great music overall, I enjoyed listening to the pack! (you're in the credits at the end)

Glad you like the tracks. I haven't followed it very closely, but it's pretty wild how far this image/video generation has come in the past few years.


I am going to use this in my game as the soundtrack for it because I like it as in I like what i have heard of it so far sounds like they would suit different games.

I'm really glad that you're enjoying the songs! Hope you get a lot of good use out of them :)


I most certainly will do be getting a lot of use out of these for my games and it will be interesting to see when you post more assets like this music because i will be getting them and putting them to good use.

That's great to hear! I'm still figuring out a plan for updating the pack. I'm thinking once a month? I have a new one to post, but I don't want to just do one at a time :)

Thanks for making this music, I really like it and used it for my recent game jam submission: https://nickbdawg.itch.io/pandamonium-at-the-great-door

Love the art you have for this! Looks like you got a lot done for a game jam. I explored quite a few rooms, boy they get tough! haha

Hi! I wanted to drop by to let you know that I used some of these songs in my entry to the Godot Wild Jam recently. 

I have nothing but insane respect for folks who make assets available like this because my jam entry would suck without them. The least I can do is pop by and say thanks for the awesome songs!


this is a fantastic little jam. It's really hard! I only got like 5 meters up haha

So glad you enjoy the music! Hope it helps with future projects too :)

Thanks for the great music, I used a track in my game: https://noc7c9.itch.io/bi-matter-annihilator


What a fantastic game idea! Man, for such a simple mechanic that gets tough really fast :) I scored like 22


Haha 22 is great! It鈥檚 a game that can get intense quick that鈥檚 for sure. Thanks for playing, and thanks again for the music, really sets the mood. :D


Great songs man ;)

Thanks! Hope you get some good use out of them :)

Used your songs in my jam submission 
These are great, thanks so much :D


That's a cool concept! I think I got around 100 points :D

Where is the file download? Seems it just plays in the browser for some reason.

OH! Sorry I switched to the Scritch player yesterday and I wasn't aware that the HTML ZIP file wasn't downloadable. I added a downloadable file with all the songs.


Hi, thanks for the awesome music! I used one for my game jam submission and it is so catchy I've been listening to it outside the game as well!

This is fantastic! I scored around 56 馃槄 If you liked that track you might also enjoy this pack which includes that one (remastered) and a bunch of other chiptunes :D https://tallbeard.itch.io/three-red-hearts-prepare-to-dev


Oh man I like the name given to it and I already found some awesome tracks in this pack that I want to use for future game, thank you so much!

Awesome to hear! Glad you can get some use out of it :) Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next!




awsome  and perfect!i m going to use some of them in my game

Awesome! I'm glad the music helps you out :) When you get stuff posted feel free to link me, I'd love to check it out!


Thank you, I just released my games' steam page, it' s name is Geometry Raid.I hope you agree me use your music in the promo, when the game is announced, I will give you a few activation codes for free, of course, you will be mentioned on the list of contributors


This is a super cool idea! I love how you have two options for attacks. Gave it a wishlist. :)


nice man, this is perfect for a rhythm game

Heck yeah! Hope you can get some great use out of it and if you get it in a rhythm game I'd love to see it :)


Took a small part of the tracks, thank you very much, perfect for my project :)

Glad they worked for you! :)

Hello, found this to be an amazing asset pack for music :)
Did end up using Ludum Dare 28 - Track 1 as the main theme/background music in my game Broken Knees. It was just a small free-to-play project done for fun. Did try to credit you as requested in the description. Will leave a link here: https://si-ja.itch.io/broken-knees

Woah that looks fantastic! Love the 1-bit art style :D


Hi, this is great music. We used the track Patreon Gold Reward Loops Track 10 Layer 04 as the background music for our game as part of PyWeek36. We have given you credits within the game, the readme file, the folder with the actual music file and in the description of the youtube video showing the play through. Here are the links for you to check and also enjoy our game.

Game: https://pyweek.org/e/py36/
Github code: https://github.com/tejaswid/PyWeek36
Youtube: https://youtu.be/E2hKCR4q7p8

Thanks a lot

You're welcome! The game looks great, love me some good Asteroids action :)

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Hi! First of all, really great music in these packs. I would love to use these in one of my free-to-play games, but I need to convert them to mp3 due to their size, if that is permitted. I will naturally add high praise and credits to you, with links to the pages you listed, in the game's credits information. : )


Hello! You can definitely convert these to MP3 if you need to, but be aware that most MP3 files do not loop perfectly and you might have a small gap at the loop point. I would suggest the OOG file format instead.

Have a great day!


Hi, you have a good sense of rhythm in your music and I want to use your music in my new game. I may convert the file format to MP3 and hope to get your permission. I would also like to thank you for your musical support in the credits, if that's okay with you. 

Hope you make more and better music


Hello! You are absolutely welcome to convert these files to another format. However, keep in mind that MP3 files do not always loop seamlessly; you might have a small gap at the loop point in the song.

Thanks for the kind words! Have a great day


The new game has been released, thanks for the music resources.

congrats on the release! Seems like a neat game :)

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Hey! I used a few of your tracks from the "Ludum Dare 38 Loops" and "Patreon Goal Reward Loops" bundles in my recent game jam submissions.

Added credit on the game pages if that's ok:

Thank you for the wonderful music!


These are great! Thanks for the credits :)


Hi again! Wanted to mention I used some of your music again, this time for a game jam! https://alzhu1.itch.io/growth-spurt-dungeoneer is my submission for the Kenney Jam 2023, and I used your LD28 track 3, as I thought it fit quite well! Again, wonderful music!

This is super cool! Love the concept :D

Hello! The music seems interesting, however I don't know what type of music it is. I am looking for a slow, smooth jazzy-type music for a rage game. Is this close to that?

There is a link on the page to a soundcloud playlist that will give you samples of the songs. https://soundcloud.com/abstraction/sets/ludum-dare-challenge I definitely have some smoothy jazzy stuff in there :)

Ok, thanks!

(1 edit)

HI! Can I use your music in a scratch game? 
the name of the game is the flying cat. however don't worry I'll put you in the credits and title (if you give me permission to use them) anyway hello :)

Hello! You definitely can use the music :) Thanks for reaching out. If you have a link to the game I'd love to see it!


I love the pack, bought it, and added it to the game. Do let me know if you want a different link mentioned in the "about" page.


Thanks for your support! I don't have an iDevice so I can't check it out, but I trust you 馃槑 Looks like a chill game from the screenshots!


Hey! Thanks for making all this great music freely available. I used three tracks (Verdant Grove, Vile Grove, and Ludum Dare 32 - Track 3) in a game jam submission.

I'm very new to unity, so I didn't know how to make a credits or title screen, but I credited you on the game page. Hope that works!

Credits on the game page is perfectly fine, thanks for sharing! :D I like the name of your game, it's deceptively tough!

Thank you! The level design and difficulty level is still a work in progress, so thank you for the feedback.


Hey, thanks for composing this great music! I was looking for an ambient track to go with a simple puzzle game, and your music fit the bill.

Published the game at https://alzhu1.itch.io/do-you-like-picross if you're interested. Thanks again!

I do like picross! These were fun puzzles. I've made a Picross game before and I know how tough it is parsing all those inputs out. Works really well :)

can i use this for a no internet game clone?

Yeah absolutely! If there's space somewhere, I'd appreciate credit for the music, but you can definitely use it for that :)


i'll credit :)

Hey Tallbeard Studios!  

I'm very interested in using some of your pieces in a visual novel I'm developing thats mostly LGBTQ+ focused and will have some furry content.   Wanted to check and see if this would be acceptable, and also ask about your patreon.  I would love to pay some money to support your hard work, but I don't know if I could do the fee for the entire duration the game is on itch - curious about your policies regarding a few months of patreon in order to utilize some of the songs in my game :-)

Thanks again!

Heya! Sounds like a fun project! :)

If you don't want to do a recurring thing like Patreon, you are welcome to "buy" the loop bundle as a donation as well at whatever amount you feel is fair. Patreon is great because I offer a new song or two every week for people, but I understand that a repeating commitment like that isn't for everyone.

If you do subscribe to the Patreon though, you're welcome to use the songs after you stop subscribing. I don't want to police how people use the music, just make avenues for support me to make more music in the future :)

Feel free to reach out if you have more questions, happy to chat about it!



Hi, we used a couple of your tracks in our game, Multiverse Marathon! Hope we did them justice!

That's pretty amazing! Great work. Being procedurally generated, some of the levels were very easy and some got to be REALLY tough, I imagine you tested out all the chunks though :) Love the variety of backgrounds you used.


Hey Bearded Man, I love your music and used it in a game I recently posted here. If you want to check it out, the name of the game is Bunny Jump Friends (well, that's the only thing on my profile lol).

Thank you! Quack!


This is awesome! I love the art style and the main logo is super cute :D I didn't have anyone else around to play the game with me, but the controls felt pretty good! I'm happy you like the music, thanks for sharing with me.

Your message brightened my day. Thank you for your kindness!

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bro why the hell does this cost 5 dollars?


I ask for $5 because it's literally weeks of work to create and compile this collection. Beyond that, $5 is the suggested donation price, you can click the "No thanks take me to the download" link to get it for free.


Thank you!


You're welcome :)


wow, I promise you woule be an artist! what the great music!


Happy to hear that you like the music! :)

Hey I used your music in a dumb game I made! Thank you again.


Simple game, yeah, but what a great name for it! 馃ぃ

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