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You can preview most of these songs on this Soundcloud playlist:  https://soundcloud.com/abstraction/sets/ludum-dare-challenge

Each song in is exported as a raw WAV file, designed to loop perfectly within any media you import it into.

The music within encompasses all genres and styles from Chiptune to Orchestral to EDM to Ambient to Contemporary Piano.

While these songs are listed as pay-what-you-want, if you do plan on making money off your game (either through ads, microtransactions, or direct sales), please consider subscribing to my Patreon. $2 a month can get you instant access to over 300 other songs you can use in your projects.

Full license details can be found here: abstractionmusic.com

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorTallbeard Studios
Tagsambient, Audio, chiptune, free, game-audio, loops, Music, pack, seamless, upbeat


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Abstraction - Patreon Goal Reward Loops.zip 146 MB
Abstraction - VGMA July Daily Challenge.zip 134 MB
Abstraction - Ludum Dare 38 Loops.zip 89 MB
Abstraction - Ludum Dare 32 Loops.zip 44 MB
Abstraction - Ludum Dare 30 Loops.zip 131 MB
Abstraction - Ludum Dare 28 Loops.zip 167 MB
Abstraction - The Verdant Grove.zip 36 MB

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Hi there! Thank you for your music! Here's the game I used some of your tracks in (with credit, of course): https://mentalbloxx.itch.io/the-final-exam

This is great! Had a fun time with it :D


nice 馃憣



I used some of your music in this little space game. Thanks for making it!


Hey cool! I'll have to check it out :D


Awesome job! Keep it up :D

Thank you! Hope you get lots of good use out of 'em :D


why stand there free i have to pay 5$

Much appreciated! :D


You can pick the price. If you want to support the creator you can pay a bit of money. The 5$ is just a suggestion. If you don't want to pay just click the link "No thanks, just take me to the downloads".

But support is always appreciated I guess :D

You know, I re-read the OP and I totally misunderstood what they were saying the first time. Thank you for clarifying and sorry if I came off as a jerk haha 馃槄


Hahaha no problem


Loving these songs!

Thank you! Hope you find a good use for 'em some day :D


I used your loops once more! So delightful! Thank you 馃檹 Here's the little puzzle game I made with your ambience: https://adrkacz.itch.io/space-birds

That's a cool concept! Gets tough really fast :D


Thank you! 馃檹 Yes, the first five levels are to introduce the dynamics, the following two levels add complexity, and the two left are for the try-harders 馃暪

Sounds like a good difficulty ramp then, gotta save something for the hardcore gamers :)

I've used one of your tracks from Ludum Dare 28 in my submission for Trijam #154, thank you! I loved its retro style 馃幎 (https://adrkacz.itch.io/bouncen-roll)

Awesome! That sure is a chaotic game :) Congrats on getting something released and out there!


Hi, just letting you know that I used one of your rocking ludum dare loops in my most recent game jam entry -> https://martymon.itch.io/dolphin-day-out Thanks for all the cool track loops. 

That's great! I love how chaotic the controls are for those extra crazy flips in the air :D

I might be using one of your tracks in a video of a talk given at a small SFF convention last year (has to get approved first!). 

I was wondering how you would prefer to be credited. Usually we would put the actual link to your Bandcamp into the YT description, but not in the video itself. The video end credits would have [Track] by Abstraction, but I can add a line for the weblink if you'd prefer it be included in the video as well. :) 

Heya! That's really cool :D You can do something like this wherever it feels most appropriate: 

[Track] by Abstraction (abstractionMusic.com) 

Feel free to send me a link when it gets out there, would love to check it out!

Hi! I used some of your tracks (and credited you, of course) in my latest vidoegame. I especially like the wide variety of tracks you offer. Thank you for sharing your work! Here is my game: https://orangedaisy.itch.io/thesedays

Hey cool! Thanks for letting me know. The art style in the backgrounds is really nice, reminds me of that Doki Doki Literature Club game that came out a few years ago. Also, thanks for putting health warnings on the description. More people need to be aware of this stuff :)


New to this.  Are there a ludum dare 1 -27 somewhere? Also why are 29, 31, and 33-37 missing? What is ludum dare a monthly thing?


Hello! Ludum Dare is a quarterly game jam (https://ldjam.com/). Instead of making a game, I spent that weekend making a bunch of music. I only participated in the event a few times, but it was fun when I did :)


Absolute bangers. I used this in a recent game jam. The variety in the tracks mean that I can rely on it during the last few hours of the jam without having to curate music from different sources. Ludum Dare Track 8 is my favorite.

I'm glad you enjoy the music! Really love the pixel art style of that game you linked! Will try to find time to check it out :)


Hello! I'm gonna be using your tracks in my Visual Novel. I had used these tracks before in my school project and now I'm going to try to make it into a full game.  I don't know which specific tracks I'll use yet but I'll make sure to list them once I do.

That's awesome! Can't wait to check out what you make :)


Good day. I really enjoyed your loops.

I am currently making a game and plan to use your loops in it. I do have one question though. In the future, I want to try to monetize my game. But I can't use patreon. Can I just pay you some amount to use your loops in my game?

Yeah absolutely! Once you get to that point, get in touch and we can work something. We can find a fair number based on the size and scope of your game. :)


Used "Ludum Dare 32 - Track 2", "Ludum Dare 30 - Track 5", "VGMA Challenge - July 18th" and "VGMA Challenge - July 30th" in my latest short game, Dawn. Thanks again for the great music!

Heya! I'm glad you enjoyed the music :) I got stuck on the padlock code; maybe I'm missing something, but I could put in numbers, but not actually confirm/deny the code was correct.

(1 edit)

Really? There should be a pretty obvious tick/cross each time you input a code. That's weird, I checked everything was working before I made the game page public. I'll be sure to check that out. Thanks!

I got the red X one time, but after that I could input as many numbers as I wanted and nothing happened. Hope you get it sorted :)

Hmm... Tried playing the game on itch both logged in and logged out but I can't seem to replicate this error. Very strange. I'll try and look into fixing it but I'm not sure if you're allowed to update your game during the voting period of the jam I submitted this to :(.

(You know me from your Discord server though, so is it okay if I DM you to ask you some more questions about this? I don't want to clog up your comments section.)

I tried it again and it worked. I was right with the code all along! haha

Hey I just wanted to say I love these little loops you make! I have used some in some of my games! Here is the most recent one.

Hey I'm really happy to be a part of your process :) 

(1 edit)

Hi! Used one of these in my project! Thank you so much! 

I think itch is having problems at the moment because I can't download it or play it in the browser. Having said that, the description sounds great! Reminds me a bit of the game Switch 'N Shoot. Looking forward to giving it a try once itch gets their connection issues sorted. :)


I bought and used some songs in my practice Idiot Sandwich.  Thank your for your creation!

Love the art style :D I'm glad you're enjoying the songs, hope you get lots of good use out of 'em

Hello, I am aware that the previous comment here was also me, but I don't have any other method to contact you, so this also uses some of your music. Thanks again.

Hey! No worries. I'm glad you're enjoying the tracks in your projects. This is really cool. I like the mega man vibe where you get to use other bosses weapons. :D


Hi, I love your music! I used some of your tracks in some of my projects, here and here. Thank you for sharing them for free.

These are both really cool! The Lightning Grappling Hook one reminds me a bit of Ghost Grab 3000. https://crowbarska.itch.io/ghost-grab-3000

Thanks for sharing! :D


Ah, only if I could release a game on the Switch. Thanks again for the free songs!

You'll get there some day! :D


Hi! Absolutely super music! I've been working on a little YouTube project about physics in a pixel art style and found that Ludum Dare 30 track 6 fitted in great for my first video about space weather! Thanks a ton!! 

I made sure to attribute you in the video description. If you're interested, here's the link to the video: Pixel Physics: What is Space Weather?

Thanks again!


This is great! Love the explanation and breakdown :D


Fantastic to hear, thanks for checking it out!! :)

Hi! I'm planning on adding some of your music to my former jam game once the submission unlocks.  This is what the attribution will look like:

All music by Abstraction Music
racks used:
Ludum Dare 38 - Track Two
Ludum Dare 38 - Track Eight
Ludum Dare 28 - Track One
Ludum Dare 28 - Track Seven

Thanks for the amazing music!


The attribution looks great, thanks for letting me know! Dig the art style of this, love pixel art :)

(1 edit) (+1)

Thanks again for the music! I鈥檓 planning on using your music again for another jam game. I鈥檒l edit this to include the link and attribution once the project is submitted.

Here鈥檚 a link to the game

Awesome, good luck with the jam :)


Hiiiii! Been a Patron of yours for awhile now! Used some of this music as well as some of your Patreon tracks in this jam game we then expanded some and have credited you on the project page as well as within the game. (In-game credit is at the end and just says "Music by Abstraction - abstractionmusic.com")  Please let me know if the accreditation needs any changes! Thanks for your excellent work!


Attribution looks great, thank you for doing that! :) Played a bit of the game, is a really cool idea to have a tower defense game where you place the barriers but not the towers themselves!

(2 edits) (+1)

Hey there! I recently updated a short 2D game, that a friend and I created, with your music. We used these two pieces of music :D 

  • Ludum Dare 32 - Track 2
  • VGMA Challenge - Jul 10th

Check it out here -> The Slime's Return

Thank you very much for the music! :D

I love the visual style of the page! I'm gonna have to check out the game when I have the time. Thanks for using the music and letting me know about it :D


You're most welcome and thank you for checking out the page :D


Hey ! really liked your tracks! Would use two of them in a short game made by a couple of friends.
Ludum Dare 28 Track 3
VGMA Challenge July 13th
Will send it when it is complete with proper attributions!

Awesome, can't wait to see what you've been working on, thank you for letting me know!

Hello! I used "Ludum Dare 32 - Track 5", "Ludum Dare 30 - Track 8", "Ludum Dare 28 - Track 7", "VGMA Challenge - July 1st" and "VGMA Challenge - July 11th" in my latest game jam game, ROSA.  Hope the attribution's alright. Thank you for making such awesome music!

Attribution looks great, thanks for letting me know! Glad you enjoy the music :)


Thanks for making these available! I used Ludum Dare 38 Track Nine for my first Unity 2D game, Clicky Galaxy. I hope I've credited the assets appropriately and please do let me know otherwise :)

The attribution is great. I love the idea of being able to move pieces anywhere as long as there's a clear path for them to move!


I used this pack for my game for Ludum Dare 48, it fits quite well imo. Only one song since it was a game jam xD, But it will stay once I expand it a bit more after the rating period. You can check it here if you want

I love the art style on this! Thanks for letting me know; it's always fun to see how people use the music :)


I used a bunch of the tracks, and set them to play in one big loop for my game, PERFECT! super great! will 100% be in the next update, I've been looking for good music for the game for soooo long! (happytoxicsludge.itch.io/blocks-keys) rn it's in a public beta sorta thing, not really finished


I'm really happy to hear that they work for you :D I'll have to check out the game


I used Ludum Dare 28 track 7 (I think) for a 3 day game jam where I did a rougelike and the song fit perfectly, I credited you in the description. Thanks for the music!


Hey cool! I'll have to check it out, congrats on getting a game out there :D

If you want to play it here's the link: https://pepperboi.itch.io/witch-on-the-run


Used one of your tracks for a game jam, and credited properly- it's a NSFW game, though, so please let me know if you're uncomfortable with that, and I can replace the track!


As long as it isn't hate speech or something, I don't mind NSFW stuff. Thanks for asking though! :)


Great music, not sure if it fits my game but I didn't have time to be picky. Will give you credits in the description! Game Jams are so pressured, bruh.

I hear ya! Just finished a game jam yesterday. I'm glad the music (mostly) works for your project. :)


Thanks a lot, added your name and website link to the credit section of my android game for when it comes out! Love some of the tunes you've made, I used Ludum Dare 30 Track 4. It is a nice upbeat track!


I'm so happy to hear it! Feel free to shoot me a link to your game when it comes out, would love to check it out :D


Using Track 1 on Ludum Dare 38 for a small "interactive learning media" school project and it fits nicely. Thanks!


I'm happy to hear that! Glad you found some music that works :)

This is incredible! Thank you.

You're welcome! Thanks for checking it out :D Hope you get some good use out of it


just joined your patreon!

Thanks so much! There is TONS of music there; hope you find more things you like!


Loved the music ,thank you for providing this music. I used track 8 in Ludum Dare 28 for the boss fight in my game https://jamielin.itch.io/the-merc

This game looks great! Interesting idea of having to buy ammo and stuff :D


Loved track 2 in Ludum Dare 28 loops so much! Used it for a project today making a immersive retro clone game of Frogger!


That's a cool project! Love seeing how things come together like this. Happy the music worked for you :)

(4 edits)

Hey! I鈥檝e used your music in two game jams thus far and people always comment telling me they really liked the music. Great work! I made sure to credit you best I can !




I'm so happy that you're enjoying the sounds! This game looks super cute, I'm gonna have to check it out :D

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