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Hi! I'm planning on adding some of your music to my former jam game once the submission unlocks.  This is what the attribution will look like:

All music by Abstraction Music
racks used:
Ludum Dare 38 - Track Two
Ludum Dare 38 - Track Eight
Ludum Dare 28 - Track One
Ludum Dare 28 - Track Seven

Thanks for the amazing music!


The attribution looks great, thanks for letting me know! Dig the art style of this, love pixel art :)


Hiiiii! Been a Patron of yours for awhile now! Used some of this music as well as some of your Patreon tracks in this jam game we then expanded some and have credited you on the project page as well as within the game. (In-game credit is at the end and just says "Music by Abstraction -")  Please let me know if the accreditation needs any changes! Thanks for your excellent work!

Attribution looks great, thank you for doing that! :) Played a bit of the game, is a really cool idea to have a tower defense game where you place the barriers but not the towers themselves!

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Hey there! I recently updated a short 2D game, that a friend and I created, with your music. We used these two pieces of music :D 

  • Ludum Dare 32 - Track 2
  • VGMA Challenge - Jul 10th

Check it out here -> The Slime's Return

Thank you very much for the music! :D

I love the visual style of the page! I'm gonna have to check out the game when I have the time. Thanks for using the music and letting me know about it :D


You're most welcome and thank you for checking out the page :D


Hey ! really liked your tracks! Would use two of them in a short game made by a couple of friends.
Ludum Dare 28 Track 3
VGMA Challenge July 13th
Will send it when it is complete with proper attributions!

Awesome, can't wait to see what you've been working on, thank you for letting me know!

Hello! I used "Ludum Dare 32 - Track 5", "Ludum Dare 30 - Track 8", "Ludum Dare 28 - Track 7", "VGMA Challenge - July 1st" and "VGMA Challenge - July 11th" in my latest game jam game, ROSA.  Hope the attribution's alright. Thank you for making such awesome music!

Attribution looks great, thanks for letting me know! Glad you enjoy the music :)


Thanks for making these available! I used Ludum Dare 38 Track Nine for my first Unity 2D game, Clicky Galaxy. I hope I've credited the assets appropriately and please do let me know otherwise :)

The attribution is great. I love the idea of being able to move pieces anywhere as long as there's a clear path for them to move!


I used this pack for my game for Ludum Dare 48, it fits quite well imo. Only one song since it was a game jam xD, But it will stay once I expand it a bit more after the rating period. You can check it here if you want

I love the art style on this! Thanks for letting me know; it's always fun to see how people use the music :)


I used a bunch of the tracks, and set them to play in one big loop for my game, PERFECT! super great! will 100% be in the next update, I've been looking for good music for the game for soooo long! ( rn it's in a public beta sorta thing, not really finished


I'm really happy to hear that they work for you :D I'll have to check out the game


I used Ludum Dare 28 track 7 (I think) for a 3 day game jam where I did a rougelike and the song fit perfectly, I credited you in the description. Thanks for the music!


Hey cool! I'll have to check it out, congrats on getting a game out there :D

If you want to play it here's the link:


Used one of your tracks for a game jam, and credited properly- it's a NSFW game, though, so please let me know if you're uncomfortable with that, and I can replace the track!


As long as it isn't hate speech or something, I don't mind NSFW stuff. Thanks for asking though! :)


Great music, not sure if it fits my game but I didn't have time to be picky. Will give you credits in the description! Game Jams are so pressured, bruh.

I hear ya! Just finished a game jam yesterday. I'm glad the music (mostly) works for your project. :)


Thanks a lot, added your name and website link to the credit section of my android game for when it comes out! Love some of the tunes you've made, I used Ludum Dare 30 Track 4. It is a nice upbeat track!


I'm so happy to hear it! Feel free to shoot me a link to your game when it comes out, would love to check it out :D


Using Track 1 on Ludum Dare 38 for a small "interactive learning media" school project and it fits nicely. Thanks!


I'm happy to hear that! Glad you found some music that works :)

This is incredible! Thank you.

You're welcome! Thanks for checking it out :D Hope you get some good use out of it


just joined your patreon!

Thanks so much! There is TONS of music there; hope you find more things you like!


Loved the music ,thank you for providing this music. I used track 8 in Ludum Dare 28 for the boss fight in my game

This game looks great! Interesting idea of having to buy ammo and stuff :D


Loved track 2 in Ludum Dare 28 loops so much! Used it for a project today making a immersive retro clone game of Frogger!


That's a cool project! Love seeing how things come together like this. Happy the music worked for you :)

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Hey! I’ve used your music in two game jams thus far and people always comment telling me they really liked the music. Great work! I made sure to credit you best I can !


I'm so happy that you're enjoying the sounds! This game looks super cute, I'm gonna have to check it out :D


Thank you for this assets ,can i use this music for my game?

Yes you can! :D


thank you 


Thank you for this asset. Followed

You're welcome, hope you get good use out of it!

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Thank you so much. Followed.

Glad you like the music :D


Great stuff! I've just become a Patron and have spent hours going through much great music. We'd love to use a few of your songs in a tiny game we're making and will certainly credit/up my pledge if/when we ever get it out there! 


Awesome! Best of luck getting a game out there and thank you so much for joining the Patreon campaign. Let's make some rad stuff together :D

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Your song are amazing! But can I pubblish my game with your song on,  even without paying?


Yes you can! These songs are free to use in any context. :)

oh fantastic! 

heey! its amazing!!!

for $1/month, Can I use this musics for commercial use? 

Yes you absolutely can :)

Hi! Sorry, I misunderstood your question. You are welcome to use the music in this free bundle for commercial use. Joining the Patreon helps me out, but isn't required.


Can I use this music for commercial use? I'll be uploading my game on google play store.

Yes and no. From the product page:

While these songs are listed as pay-what-you-want, if you do plan on making money off your game (either through ads, microtransactions, or direct sales), please subscribe to my Patreon. $1 a month can get you instant access to over 250 other songs you can use in your projects.


I understand that not everyone has access to PayPal, or Patreon, and I don't want to limit people's work because they are unable to support me. But if you have the means to toss a bit back my way, it's definitely appreciated, plus you get access to a ton of new music! :)


Thank you for this amazing music! I included a few tracks from the bundle in a Twine game called 'Time Fragmented' for a game jam.

This is really cool! I didn't have time to play through the whole thing, but it seems like you set up an interesting story here :D

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it so far!

Hello! Guess what. Yep, another one with one of your musics!

Have fun!

Cool little game, relaxing games are a lot of fun. I like the idea of moving faster costing you points.


I use some of your music in my game.

Thanks for the great music 😊♥️

Glad I could help! Looks like a really hard game :D


Hello Friend! Another one!

This time I made something that I never did before.

Have fun and thanks for your musics!!!

Love the look of it! :D Puzzle games can be fun to make


I'm in love with these tracks! So many different themes and stuff, so useful! I used the ludum dare 30 track 6 in my game, and I feel like it fits so well! Thanks for putting these out :)

This is really nice! I love the art style. I'm glad the music worked for you in the game jam :D


hello, i made a game for Brackeys Game Jam and i used your Track Three  from Ludum Dare 32.  Thank you for making this awesome loops! 

you can check my game here:

That's a really clever idea! I'm glad the music worked for ya :)


Hi man appreciate your great work just i want to ask before i made something with this prety cool stuff.  Can i use it free in my upcoming stuff 

Heya! You absolutely can, thanks for asking :) I'd appreciate if you linked back to me in your game, or game's description. There should be more info in a README file in the download.


Hi! I use one of your track again for my new game, submitted to the ScoreSpace Jam #9. Thanks again!

Hey this is great! I got up to 175, gets really tough up high :)

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Thanks! I've modified the level. Should be easier now ;)


Hey man, I just want to say thanks for the awesome tracks - they really brought my game to life! I'll definitely be coming back here in the future. Thanks again and have a great day. 

I'm really happy to hear that! Hope you get lots of good use out of them :)

Hi. What can I say? Another one:

Have fun!

Super cool idea! Love the little twist on a classic game. I could totally see this being a more full game with an upgrade tree and powerups and stuff. 


Hi! I think your music is amazing! I'm making a twine game for an upcoming game jam. Would I be able to use some of your music? Many thanks :)  

That's what it's there for! Love Twine games, would love to see what you've been making when you release it! :D


Brilliant, just wanted to make sure.  Thank you, so much! I'll link it here when I finish it :D

I appreciate you asking first :) Best of luck with the game!


Hello. Use one of your track in my game:

Thanks for the great music!

Woah this is a cool twist on an old classic. I got up to level 5 but that double gravity stuff is HARD haha

 Glad you like it! Yeah, you need to get some speed to pass it.

Deleted 328 days ago

Hello again. Another one:

Have fun!

I like the resource management involved! It's cool to see you iterate on past ideas to make new ones :D

Thanks. I am improving a bit every game I make. I will make a game for this game jam:

If you have any ideas/sugestions...

Hi, made one more game with one of your music:

Whew that's a tough one! I beat a few levels though :)


My Highscore is 5.


Hi, I made another game with one of your music:

That's pretty cool! You're so fast at making games :D

Only critique would be to try to get mouse support in there for aiming, was a bit tough with the arrow keys :)


Hello. The rotation with arrow keys is this way by design, just trying to do something quite different and not mouse dependant. First I started with mouse aiming, but I changed. 

Thanks for your feedback. :)

Makes sense! As long as it's an intentional design decision it's all good :D Can't wait to see what you come up with next


Hello again. I am working on an action/shooter space game. I could send you a preview when I have something playable. 

Hey sure, I always love checking out new stuff :)

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