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Hey! Thanks for making all this great music freely available. I used three tracks (Verdant Grove, Vile Grove, and Ludum Dare 32 - Track 3) in a game jam submission.

I'm very new to unity, so I didn't know how to make a credits or title screen, but I credited you on the game page. Hope that works!

Credits on the game page is perfectly fine, thanks for sharing! :D I like the name of your game, it's deceptively tough!

Thank you! The level design and difficulty level is still a work in progress, so thank you for the feedback.


Hey, thanks for composing this great music! I was looking for an ambient track to go with a simple puzzle game, and your music fit the bill.

Published the game at if you're interested. Thanks again!

I do like picross! These were fun puzzles. I've made a Picross game before and I know how tough it is parsing all those inputs out. Works really well :)

can i use this for a no internet game clone?

Yeah absolutely! If there's space somewhere, I'd appreciate credit for the music, but you can definitely use it for that :)


i'll credit :)

Hey Tallbeard Studios!  

I'm very interested in using some of your pieces in a visual novel I'm developing thats mostly LGBTQ+ focused and will have some furry content.   Wanted to check and see if this would be acceptable, and also ask about your patreon.  I would love to pay some money to support your hard work, but I don't know if I could do the fee for the entire duration the game is on itch - curious about your policies regarding a few months of patreon in order to utilize some of the songs in my game :-)

Thanks again!

Heya! Sounds like a fun project! :)

If you don't want to do a recurring thing like Patreon, you are welcome to "buy" the loop bundle as a donation as well at whatever amount you feel is fair. Patreon is great because I offer a new song or two every week for people, but I understand that a repeating commitment like that isn't for everyone.

If you do subscribe to the Patreon though, you're welcome to use the songs after you stop subscribing. I don't want to police how people use the music, just make avenues for support me to make more music in the future :)

Feel free to reach out if you have more questions, happy to chat about it!



Hi, we used a couple of your tracks in our game, Multiverse Marathon! Hope we did them justice!

That's pretty amazing! Great work. Being procedurally generated, some of the levels were very easy and some got to be REALLY tough, I imagine you tested out all the chunks though :) Love the variety of backgrounds you used.


Hey Bearded Man, I love your music and used it in a game I recently posted here. If you want to check it out, the name of the game is Bunny Jump Friends (well, that's the only thing on my profile lol).

Thank you! Quack!


This is awesome! I love the art style and the main logo is super cute :D I didn't have anyone else around to play the game with me, but the controls felt pretty good! I'm happy you like the music, thanks for sharing with me.

Your message brightened my day. Thank you for your kindness!

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bro why the hell does this cost 5 dollars?


I ask for $5 because it's literally weeks of work to create and compile this collection. Beyond that, $5 is the suggested donation price, you can click the "No thanks take me to the download" link to get it for free.


Thank you!


You're welcome :)


wow, I promise you woule be an artist! what the great music!


Happy to hear that you like the music! :)

Hey I used your music in a dumb game I made! Thank you again.

Simple game, yeah, but what a great name for it! 🤣


Thank you for the good music!

In the new game [Hungry Caveman] that we are developing, we will use music in a specific stage section.

I'll leave a link to the Steam page of the game.

Link  :

Have a happy day today!

Hey that's awesome! Congrats on getting something out on Steam :D Love the concept of this

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Hey guy, my team will release an online indie game on 2 days and I will probably use some of your musics, I'm able to do it with no problems? Here is the link, check the description and title before answer me ❤

Yeah that's perfectly fine! Love the art style :)


Thank you 🧡


I used track 6 from Patreon Goal reward loops in my game Pong+

Hi there! I used one of your tracks on this jam game.

Thanks a lot for sharing it!


This is great! I love the simple puzzle design, reminds me of The Witness puzzles :) I've been learning a bit of Spanish so it was great to switch to Espanol and recognize a handful of words :)

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Awesome music! Helped me a ton in finishing my first Steam release

I used two tracks, one for the trailer and another as a background track for the game itself.

You're credited and your page is linked in the credits screen in-game. Thanks a bunch!

Love what you did with such a simple idea. Great style with the presentation of the puzzles :D Hope the game does well out in the wild!

Hi really nice songs, i used two of them for my game you can check it right HERE

Hey that's great! I love the idea of shooting keys to unlock things XD


Definitely too late for commenting this lol, But I've used your Princess Quest in a Brackeys' Game Jam 2020 back then. Also got into Top 57 with your music. So thank you very much!

Thanks to itch recommendation for reminding me!

Hey that's great! Love the visual design of the game, limited palettes are the best :D


Hi there!It's a great work!

I made a game with your BGM. You can play it here. I hope you have a good time!

Hey this is great! Love that art style :) Thanks for sharing :D

I love all these songs.  I plan on adding 3 of your songs to my game (Auld-Folks), this game will be available for free no ads microtransactions or anything like that.  

Its a game about dementia so there will be a donation option towards a charity, in case players feel as though they want to give to support this cause.  

Would this be okay to use your music?  If so I would of course give you credit!



Oh donations to charity is perfectly fine, thank you for asking! I'm so glad you like the music, makes me happy to hear :) When the game gets released, let me know! I always love to see where my little music babies end up XD

Heyooo, my game is fully released on my profile "Auld Folks".  

It was a huge help that I got to use your music as it fits Auld Folks super well, so I'd like to thank you for that!  If you get the chance to play I hope you like it! >:D


This is a really interesting premise! I was able to play it a little bit this morning and I like the setting and tone you have with it. The blurring around the edges gets tough to read some of the text, but considering the subject matter of the story, it kinda fits too?

Thanks for ur feedback and for playing.  The blur can be turned off in settings to allow players (who have sight problems or other reasons) to see it more clearly.  You can also play in color if u complete the game once, a little Easter egg in there for dedicated gamers! 


I want to use these loops in my upcoming casual games.

That's what they are there for! Just make sure to link back to me in the game description (or inside the game itself) and you're all good :)


Hi! I'm going to use your Ludum Dare 28 - Track 5 as my  another hypercasual game bgm , Always thank your music.

Hey that looks great! Love the idea, nice and chill :)

hey! I used one of your songs in another game jam game! Really appreciate it!

This looks really cute! Love the art style :)


Hello! Thank you for sharing this beautiful music. I used the "Ludum Dare 32 - Track Five" in my VN, but the game is written in Ukrainian, game's name translated like "In a stained glass window".


Thanks for letting me know! I really like the art you have for the game, even if I can't read it 😅 Have a great day!

That's good to hear  😊 Thanks again!

Have a great day too!

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Hi! I'm going to use your Ludum Dare 28 - Track 1 as my shooting game bgm Thank you for your wonderful music

You are welcome! Thanks for letting me know about it. Always happy to see where these songs end up :) The game looks cool too; I haven't seen an infinite runner with a shoot button before!

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Hi. I made a game for a jam and used some songs from this bundle. I added credits in the game page and in the game itself. Thanks for your work.

Looks really cool! Love the pixel art style. I'll give it a try :D

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Hi! Sorry for the late notice but our team used Ludum Dare 32 as a bgm in our short game demo called Little Things for a game jam entry.

Thank you very much, couldn't have done it without your wonderful music! :)


You're welcome! I'm glad the music helped. The dish washing mini game was fun. Just as tough as doing real dishes XD

Hello! Thank you so much for this amazing music! It's very nice, I sometimes listen to it while doing work and recently I used some of them for my VN for My First Game Jam :D

Congrats on getting a game released :D I'm glad you're enjoying the songs


Thank you! I've used the patreon track10 loops in my game! :)

Awesome! I'll have to check it out. Glad you've been enjoying the tunes :D

Hi, I recently used your music for a game jam I was working on, I HOPE I used the license correctly, thank you for making awesome music :) 



I'm planning on creating a small visual novel game and I was wondering if it's okay if I use your music in it? I'll make sure to list the songs, your name and links in the credits! :D

The game is going to be free but I might setup a Patreon, and if I do I will become a Patreon of yours! :)

Absolutely welcome to use the music, thank you for asking! Feel free to send me a link when it goes online too. I love visual novel games and would be happy to give it a peek :)

hola buenas el caso es que necesito musica para un juego y crees que me vendria bien la tuya y ponerte en los creditos finales del juego?

It's my first game an it will be free

muy bien! Mi Español es no grande :)

You can use the music, thank you for asking. Gracias!


Gracias te paso el link del juego cuando lo termine 😃


Hi there! Thank you for your music! Here's the game I used some of your tracks in (with credit, of course):

This is great! Had a fun time with it :D


nice 👌



I used some of your music in this little space game. Thanks for making it!

Hey cool! I'll have to check it out :D


Awesome job! Keep it up :D

Thank you! Hope you get lots of good use out of 'em :D


why stand there free i have to pay 5$

Much appreciated! :D


You can pick the price. If you want to support the creator you can pay a bit of money. The 5$ is just a suggestion. If you don't want to pay just click the link "No thanks, just take me to the downloads".

But support is always appreciated I guess :D

You know, I re-read the OP and I totally misunderstood what they were saying the first time. Thank you for clarifying and sorry if I came off as a jerk haha 😅


Hahaha no problem


Loving these songs!

Thank you! Hope you find a good use for 'em some day :D


I used your loops once more! So delightful! Thank you 🙏 Here's the little puzzle game I made with your ambience:

That's a cool concept! Gets tough really fast :D


Thank you! 🙏 Yes, the first five levels are to introduce the dynamics, the following two levels add complexity, and the two left are for the try-harders 🕹

Sounds like a good difficulty ramp then, gotta save something for the hardcore gamers :)

I've used one of your tracks from Ludum Dare 28 in my submission for Trijam #154, thank you! I loved its retro style 🎶 (

Awesome! That sure is a chaotic game :) Congrats on getting something released and out there!


Hi, just letting you know that I used one of your rocking ludum dare loops in my most recent game jam entry -> Thanks for all the cool track loops. 

That's great! I love how chaotic the controls are for those extra crazy flips in the air :D

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