The original Three Red Hearts album can be found on Bandcamp here: https://abstractionmusic.bandcamp.com/album/three-red-hearts

If you use any of these songs, please let me know! I'd love to see the game you made. Also, I maintain an itch collection featuring all the games where the music is used πŸ₯°

It's not required, but if you'd like to credit me, please use the artist name "Abstraction" and link to either this page (https://tallbeard.itch.io/music-loop-bundle) or the Abstraction homepage (https://abstractionmusic.com/). Thank you!

While these songs are listed as pay-what-you-want, if you do plan on earning revenue off your game (either through ads, microtransactions, or direct sales), please consider subscribing to my Patreon to help support making even more music in the future!

Huge thanks to torcado and the amazing Scritch player for song playback so I can stop relying on Soundcloud's jank.

LICENSE CC-0 (Public Domain)


To the extent possible under law, Abstraction Music and Tallbeard Studios has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to the music contained in this asset pack. This work is published from the United States.

All assets are available to use in any commercial or non-commercial project, and may be modified in any way the user chooses.

Finally, although permitted within the license terms, Abstraction and Tallbeard Studios do not endorse the use of these assets in any projects relating to NFTs, AI/Machine Learning, or direct resale of unmodified assets. 

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Hi, I used your music on my game! Odd-Eye Reels by PulleyBun (itch.io)

Thank you for making amazing tracks, again!!

Love the art style in this! I eventually got up to 28 points before the map generation stuck me in a dead end 


i used 2 of them on this game:

Awesome! Glad you like them :)


These are so cool!!!11

Glad you like them! Hope you get some good use from the pack :)


Thanks a lot for this pack! It's totally awesome :D Box Jump is so catchy, I had to use it for my pixel art game trailer :)

Heck yeah! I'm glad you are digging the tunes :) Best of luck with your game, when you get a link for it I'd love to check it out!


I've got it! It's here on itch. Also on Google Play if you prefer a mobile version. Thanks!


Oh rad I love games like this, i'll give it a peek :D


Great :D ! Let me know if you'd have any feedback.

It's tough! I think I got to floor 8 or 9 before the guys that shoot at me hunted me down. I guess I need to use the wand and magic to get them first huh? Overall it played really well! Some of the menu text and UI ran into itself on the desktop, but nothing that was really awful. I also really loved your shading and how you did the fog of war stuff. Felt very good


Hey, used your music in my game

Hey awesome! Thanks for letting me know. Looks like an interesting idea. Curious to see where it goes


Hi, I used your music on my game! *teleports behind you* by PulleyBun (itch.io)
Thank you for making amazing tracks!!


This is a great concept! I really dig it. It gets tough when there are two or more robots right next to each other. I think my high score was like 8 haha


Hey I have used your assets on my game, your itch.io user is credited on the main screen. Thanks, check it out: https://rhingel.itch.io/colorun

This is fantastic! Really like how it all comes together. Though I did experience some slowdowns when I used the number 2 and 3 abilities. But only the first time so I don't know if something needed to load in or what? Great game!


Hey, I love the music. I've just created my first small demo game and used your music. Here is the link to the game: BitJumper (itch.io)

Super cool concept. It's really hard! I almost beat the first screen πŸ˜…


Hi! I've coincidentally made another game for a game jam with similar vibe from the last one so I used the "Penultimate" track again but the version from this album! Thanks again for this song its way too awesome!

This is great! I like all the different ways the customers "describe" their order. So glad that the music is working for you still :)


It's so AMAZING!! I like this song

Glad you're digging the music! Hope you get some good use out of the songs!


I really like this songs! Thanks for share!


Thanks for listening! Hope you get some great use out of the songs :)


nice quality songs and really to any games!!!!!!!!

Glad you like the songs! Hope you get some good use from them


Amazing Quality! Thank you so much for the music! Fast-paced retro style music ("Out of Time") was just what I needed for my project! Also, Your Credit is included! :)

MICRO-PONG by CodingFeature (itch.io)


Hey this is fantastic! Love the effects you used. Can never get enough neon :D


duuuuude these are crazy good. well done

Thanks very much! Hope you can get some great use out of them :)


Amazing, good job !

Thanks! Hope you get some good use out of them :)


Love the music

Thank you! Always great to hear that :)


Hey i am wondering if i am allowed to use this music in a game that. i will give you credit and i read the legal forum i think i am sure but just in case


Hi! Yes, you're allowed to use the music with attribution, thanks for asking :)


I use your Music on my game, i give you credits on my itchio game page.



Thanks for letting me know! Can't go wrong with a good Pong game :)


This music is amazing! Just a subtle glance at the songs and i can already imagine how well these can be used in some 8-bit style games. Well done for making these and thank you for making them free!

Thanks so much! I hope you find some great uses for the songs :)


Just now managed to, haha. Check out wizarddev1234.itch.io/defend-the-earth if you wanna see, thanks for making my game better!

That's a neat game! It's surprisingly tough to aim at those far out asteroids (not a fault of your game, just a trick of the eyes) :D


Hello! I used your music in a game jam: https://atemly-games.itch.io/harvest-survivor

Thanks :)


this looks awesome, love the big chunky art style you have here :D 


Heyo! I made a lil game using your music. Credits are on the itch page and in the in-game credits! Here's a link if you want to take a look: https://badsprite.itch.io/spectral-overdrive. Thank you for making these songs available! :D


Woah hey this looks amazing! Love the art style and design. Will try to give it a shot tomorrow :D


Hi! Those are some cool tunes! Just to clarify: your license means i can use it privately and commercially but with proper credits right? Name and link to your itch page?

thank you!

Yes, correct! Name and link to itch page. If you do use it commercially, I wouldn't mind a little kick back my way (or to join my Patreon, which has 400+ more songs on it :), but I keep that on the honor system because managing royalties is a huge pain in the butt haha.


Thank you for your reply:) Okay got it:) I normally always give a tip even if something is free. I appreciate all the hard work! 

Yea absolutely! :D I am glad the music is working out for you. Feel free to share your projects when they get posted, I always love to see what things the songs end up in :)

Just to clarify, we do need to credit you if we make a game, correct?

It would be much appreciated to have my name and (if possible) a link to mysebsite somewhere in the credits, yeah :)


Hi, thanks so much for making these awesome tracks available for everyone to use! πŸ˜Š  We used "Princess Quest" as the title theme for our game which we made for Rainbow Jam 2022. πŸŒˆ

I love this cute mashup between the original Mario Bros and Pac Man, this works super great! Thanks for sharing :)

I use your songs in Lowrezjam. It’s my first game jam and I don’t really have resources for music in games. Your songs come in handy and fit my game. I really thank you for that.

here my game

That's a great little game! I love all the mechanics you added with the later levels. It was a bit tough to move diagonally on the level with the sun. Overall it was a fun puzzle game though :D Thanks for sharing!


I always use your songs when I decide to join a game jam last minute and my composer friend is not ready. Here are my 2 newest games with your songs https://pepperboi.itch.io/sacrepeat and https://hmanhere.itch.io/colorless-castle

Thanks for letting me know! These games are great :)


Hey, I just started using your tracks in my  game, https://jaysgame.itch.io/vanguard-monsters they often get stuck in my head even after listening to them while testing for hours, so you're doin something right :D 


So happy to hear you are enjoying the songs! :D Gave a peek to the game page and it looks really cool! Will try to give it a shot this weekend :)


Using this in a small project here on itch, glad I could find it again!

For some reason looking up the name wasn't giving me any hits so I thought I might have picked it up from your website, but I see I did get it here. 

Thank you so much, they have such a great sound. 

I'm happy that you found it again! Thanks for the nice words on the music too, I'm glad you like them! Feel free to link any games you've made using the music, I always love checking 'em out :)

Ah, https://tsukichild.itch.io/sock-dodge 

Ah! Forgot that part haha. After a busy June, I'll be working on making the music mode actually working the way it's intended. Which will be spawning socks to the music, some of the tracks this should be quite exciting. 

Boy that gets hard real fast with multipliers on! Fun game :)


Hi I used your music in one of my games again! This album is so good. Formations!

This is a super cool idea! I'll have to give it a try. I think this was kind of what I wanted my game Pawndemonium to be before I scope creeped it into oblivion πŸ˜…


Wow did not realize you made pawndemonium! I have been meaning to try it. Thank you for the kind words πŸ‘

I  hope you have  fun with it! It has a few bugs I've been trying to find a solution for but they've remained pretty elusive. I'll find 'em some day :D


These are some awesome tracks! Well done!

Thank you! Hope you get some good use out of 'em :D


Love the music! Although some of the tracks don't loop properly? There are definite cut offs. Wondering advice on how to get them to loop properly? Thanks.

Hello! I'll give the files a look. Which files specifically are you having troubles with? Are you converting the files to any other format before putting them in your game?

I am just using the wav files. It's pixel war 2 that I've noticed a hard cutoff, when looping its noticeable. I don't know if its just me or maybe just the song.

I just listened to the WAV file and couldn't find any issues with the loop point. Are you using Unity or some other platform for the development? Have you tried any of the other songs to see if they have the same problem? I'm genuinely curious about this one now :)

Well, it may just be the song itself beginning loudly, so it sounds like it cuts off when it loops. I don't know if there is a way to fade in better or not? I'm using gdevelop for my game engine.

I'm listening to the song on loop, downloaded from the ZIP file on itch, and it sounds fine to me but maybe something else is happening in the engine? If you like, you're welcome to bounce it into an audio editor like Audacity and lower the volume of the intro if you prefer that.

One of your songs fit perfectly for the bitsy gamejam I was trying to finish last minute! Thanks so much! 

Corporate Cactus Practice: https://randomdooodle.itch.io/ccp

Love the art and color choices you have with this :D

Hi, I made another game using this album. It's a 2D platformer called Change The Channel. You can play it in your browser here :


Really cute game! I love the art style. :)


Thank you, I put a lot of effort on the art so I really appreciate 😁

Thanks for your music, I used it in my GodotWildjam game: https://djokavex.itch.io/neon-maze

Thanks for the great music. I will use it in my platforming game Castle Skedaddle : https://mantaogames.itch.io/castle-skeddadle

Hey cool! Glad you're getting some good use out of the songs :D I added your project to a collection of other games that use my songs.



Great, thank you !


Hi Ben, just letting you know that the game featuring your music is finished :) 

Awesome, I'll have to check it out!