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Hello again. Another one:

Have fun!

I like the resource management involved! It's cool to see you iterate on past ideas to make new ones :D

Thanks. I am improving a bit every game I make. I will make a game for this game jam:

If you have any ideas/sugestions...

Hi, made one more game with one of your music:

Whew that's a tough one! I beat a few levels though :)


My Highscore is 5.


Hi, I made another game with one of your music:

That's pretty cool! You're so fast at making games :D

Only critique would be to try to get mouse support in there for aiming, was a bit tough with the arrow keys :)


Hello. The rotation with arrow keys is this way by design, just trying to do something quite different and not mouse dependant. First I started with mouse aiming, but I changed. 

Thanks for your feedback. :)

Makes sense! As long as it's an intentional design decision it's all good :D Can't wait to see what you come up with next


Hello again. I am working on an action/shooter space game. I could send you a preview when I have something playable. 

Hey sure, I always love checking out new stuff :)


Hi, I really liked your music, so I used it to make a game:

Definitely a hard game! I jumped so far past the portal I missed the despawn trigger area and soft locked the game XD


Yeah, The Game Jam's theme was Impossible so I made the game VERY VERY Hard and really thanks for uploading your music, definitely going to be using it other open source projects, I am going to be making this game open source too on github ASAP. Finally, THANK YOU

It is definitely very hard. But I like that (I made a game called Color Jumper which is also very hard!) I'm glad you're getting value out of the music, keep making cool things! :D

Hello, I made this game wth one of your music.

That's a pretty cool little game! I got 890 :D



I have been outside for 2 hours recording the sounds of animals but because of wind its kept interrupting till the point that my phone has ran out of storage just for a game u can check out my game its call duckgrounds


Wind is the enemy of good audio recording, I know it all too well :)



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Hi. These are great. Thanks for making them available. I've used a track from your Ludum Dare 32 Loops bundle on my latest prototype called Exile Island. Thanks again for sharing your work.

Woah that's super cool, I love the art style!


This is real nice, if I ever get a little game out this would be great. All I've made so far are btsy games, but trying my hand at unity.

Again really good stuff and it really does have a lot of varity.


Hey you gotta start somewhere. Best of luck with making games, feel free to shoot any my way, would love to see them :)


Hey! I used one of your soundtracks for my game, thank you so much. Some sweet tunes.

This is super cool! Love the concept and the art style. I made it on the leaderboard too :D


I have used your soundtracks for my 7drl entry. Please check it out

This is great! I managed to save my dog :D


Hi!, I downloaded "loodum dare 30 loops", I will use some of them in my game, if i could earn anything with the (it's my first game) game, I"ll surely subscribe to your patreon. Thanks for providing these musics.

Heya! Thanks for checking out the songs! Best of luck with your game! I would love to check it out once you get it online. All the best :)


Wow, these are perfect for my games :D. Most likey will sub to the patreon some time soon. Keep up the great work!

Hi Catty! Thanks so much for the kind words, I'm glad the music is working for your project! :D

Also, are any samples used in the music? Just double checking.

samples as in things that sold get you in trouble with other companies? No nothing like that :)

Great! thanks for your help.


Good crumbs these are nice. Great work with these!

thanks! I hope you get some good use out of them :)


Also, now I am creating another game that was inspired by Rage, I might use some of your sounds if thats ok


Absolutely OK, that's why they are there :) Would love to see what you make!


Again i will make sure to tell you when it is done, as this project is looking to be quite good

Glad to hear it! :D

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Hi, we just used one of your tracks for our game How Drinking Coffee Daily Got Me Fired. Thought you'd like to know ;D
Thanks for making it available to jammers, great tracks all around!

Thanks for these sounds :D


I don't have twitter but am using these sounds in a game that is being created for the Auful summerGame Jam

Nice! Thanks for letting me know, hope the jam goes well! :D


Thanks for letting me use this music as I am quite bad at composing music, and if you want at some point I can give you a copy of the game to test if it works, good look at your next future project

Definitely! I'd love to check out the game when you're done if you're willing to share :)


Ok, the game jam ends in 12 days i think, its the awful summer game jam

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