Raise the Dead feature update! (v20230119-02)

I received a lot of excellent feedback from people (especially during a live play test) and was able to bring you some new game mode features!

Game Mode Changes

  • (ADDED) Big Match Powerup: I wanted to reward longer match chains so now when you create a match that is 10 or greater it will spawn a monster with better stats. I think this will likely become a permanent addition to the game because it encourages and rewards taking risks to make big matches.
  • (ADDED) Empowered Tiles: There is a 1 in 100 chance that a tile that summons monsters will be glowing. This tile gives you a bunch of resources to summon more monsters. This might be something that only appears on side columns that you've unlocked as a reward for expanding your play grid.
  • (REMOVED) Match Cap: It wasn't fun and didn't bring dynamics into the game, just waiting for your move again. Lesson learned!

Other Changes

Lots of small things I likely forgot about here, but this is the highlights.

  • When you click and drag, the pitch of the collection sound rises up
  • Fixed the dirt tile so it looks less like a meatball 🍽️
  • Fixed Z-fighting for the monsters on the battlefield

In the Next Update...

The next update will be where I start adding a bit more depth and visual polish to the game.  There is a lot I would like to do so it might take a few weeks since I'm bouncing between personal projects, a day job, and commissioned work. Here are my goals:

  • Spend coins to unlock blood and skull tiles
    • Match flesh to evolve blood
    • Match bones to evolve skulls
  • Collect mana by matching large groups
  • Spend mana for temporary boosts
    • Increase damage of your monsters
    • Empower a random tile on the grid
  • Blood and skull tiles summon stronger monster
  • Better UI to display coins and mana
  • A UI element to better show where the battle is so you can tell if you need a big summon without looking up
  • Some animations or particle effects for collecting
  • Better enemy AI that escalates their attack as time goes on


raise-the-dead-for-fun-and-profit-win.zip 32 MB
Version 20230119-02 Jan 19, 2023
raise-the-dead-for-fun-and-profit-mac.zip 41 MB
Version 20230119-02 Jan 19, 2023

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