Death Drives A Bus Update (v1.2)

Hey all! One of the biggest sticking points I have on Death Drives A Bus right now is the music. I want to get a bit more variety in there and, honestly, I feel the initial gameplay loop I had was a bit TOO frantic for a puzzle game. My goal is to have three gameplay songs total.

I also have plans for a handful of new mechanics that would probably bring the level total to around 50, but that's likely a few weeks out.

In other news, I also started a new game! Still really rough around the edges, but I'm having fun with it so far.

Improvements for v1.2

  • Added another gameplay song (for a total of two) that is chosen randomly when the level starts.

Planned features

  • Two new game mechanics
  • New levels for game mechanics, 50 levels total
  • Have some kind of "you win!" ending after beating all the levels
  • Total of three gameplay loops


Death Drives A Bus LINUX (v1.2).zip 23 MB
Jun 29, 2020
Death Drives A Bus MAC (v1.2) 21 MB
Jun 29, 2020
Death Drives A Bus WIN (v1.2).zip 21 MB
Jun 29, 2020

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