Death Drives A Bus Update (v2.1.1)

Remember when I said I was done updating the game? I guess I lied a bit. After reviewing the finished version, I encountered a few more quality of life things I really wanted to implement. Some minor stuff, but really important to me. I do feel like I'm done now though, for now!

Improvements for v2.1.1

  • The prompt on the main menu now switching depending on if you are using controller or keyboard
  • Fixed Patreon scroll so it reverses direction when the list is exhausted
  • Resetting the level doesn't randomly choose a new song!
  • Fixed main menu images, so if you resize the window it doesn't teleport some of the sprites off the screen
  • Updated tutorial and story images to remove keyboard prompts


Death Drives A Bus (v2.1.1) 24 MB
Aug 26, 2020
Death Drives A Bus (v2.1.1) 23 MB
Aug 26, 2020
Death Drives A Bus (v2.1.1) 26 MB
Aug 26, 2020

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