Death Drives A Bus Update (v2.2)

Hello friends! A few post-Steam launch updates that I wanted to share. Did you know the game is on Steam now? If you wanted to own it in two places I guess? :D

v2.2 updates

  • Game cursor is no longer visible in fullscreen mode.
  • Tweaked a few levels so their timers are a bit more reasonable.
  • Added some safeguards for when loading save data so things don't softlock.
  • Resetting the level doesn't randomize the music so you can listen to those chippy jams without interruption.
  • Had some requests to include windowed mode so put that option in the main menu.
  • Discovered some issues with the controller prompts where the confirm and cancel buttons were swapped.
  • Added a prompt to back out of the credits and tutorial pages.
  • Changed how the game connects to Steam or not. Basically, now if it cannot find Steam it just defaults to DRM-free mode.


Death Drives A Bus v2.2 (WIN).zip 24 MB
Sep 25, 2020
Death Drives A Bus v2.2 (MAC).zip 24 MB
Sep 25, 2020
Death Drives A Bus v2.2 (LINUX).zip 26 MB
Sep 25, 2020

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