Death Drives A Bus Update (v2.1)

Hey all! This is the last major update to this game for a while, but I've been working hard on adding quality of life things that make the game flow much better. I've also been working on a Steam build, which has been difficult. I'm excited to bring it to a wider audience though!

I also want to mention that my other game, Color Jumper, is getting a release on the Switch this Friday! It's been a dream of mine since I was a kid to play a game I made on the Nintendo platform and now it's finally happening.

I'll leave you with the update list. Thank you again for playing Death Drives A Bus and supporting my weird projects <3

Improvements for v2.1

  • Added achievements! This will help you track your progress throughout the game :)
  • Controller support! You can now use any controller to navigate the roads
  • Optimized a few levels because I found faster routes
  • New font for dynamic text that displays cleaner and reads a bit better
  • Game progress saved in an external file now, this was to help with Steam cloud save integration


Death Drives A Bus WIN (v2.1).zip 23 MB
Aug 24, 2020
Death Drives A Bus MAC (v2.1).zip 22 MB
Aug 24, 2020
Death Drives A Bus LINUX (v2.1).zip 25 MB
Aug 24, 2020

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