Pawndemonium update (v20220611-01)

OK a few updates to the game:

I apologize for the lack of updates in the game since release. I've been struggling with some medical issues which are thankfully behind me now.

I'm still trying to figure out why some people get random softlocks during gameplay. Something to do with how pieces are dropped into the board. I did some digging into the code and found a few more potential points of failure that I just patched. However, since I cannot replicate this issue myself, I'm really not sure if it's fixed. It's being very tricky.

Pushed out a new patch with these changes. Hopefully they fix some problems people have been having.

Files 81 MB
Version v20220611-01 Jun 11, 2022 81 MB
Version v20220611-01 Jun 11, 2022 83 MB
Version v20220611-01 Jun 11, 2022

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Thanks for the update!

Thanks for playing! :D

Hope you are OK today! And helath is allright! Cool that you do some fixes!

Things are going well now, thanks for asking! I had a kidney stone back in late April and needed a procedure to remove it. Long recovery time and all that.

Hopefully I found and squashed this bug once and for all, but I guess we'll see :D