Extreme Mining a0.4 Update

Hey all! Unfortunately, I only had a few hours to work on the game this week. I added some new stuff, but it's just temp art that I pulled off the Internet. Definitely something I intend to fix in the future.

The big feature this week was building loot tables. This was I could create a "Generic Enemy" table and just slap that on all the generic enemies that spawn. Elite or Boss enemies have their own loot table with juicier loot. It's not a huge improvement on the front end, but will make my life much easier once I add more enemy types so I don't have to hard-code what falls out of an enemy any more.

New Stuff

  • Player's starting weapon is now burst fire. It's strong right away, but still tedious against bosses and once the difficulty ramps up over time. Seems like a good solution for now.
  • Added three new loot types: Amethyst, Citrine, and Pyrite. These sprites I just pulled from the Internet, so I gotta update them soon.
  • Created simple loot tables for enemies so I can customize which enemies drop what, bosses drop the new stuff
    • The infusion of the more valuable loot throws off the gameplay a bit, can definitely buy a lot more time this way, but there's still no way to upgrade your gun so you'll likely just get overwhelmed.

Bug Fixes

  • Enemies spawn more loot now! Felt cheap to beat a boss and sometimes only get two loot drops.

Planned for Next Week

  • New enemy type, gonna try to make a ranged guy!
  • More shop upgrades
  • Update the item collect ticker, or just remove it if I can't find a better solution. It tends to just turn into a big mess.
  • Create a simple arena background image that isn't a bunch of floating blocks


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May 06, 2019

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