Extreme Mining b.02 Update!

Hello friends! Happy to announce a new version to Extreme Mining! Received a lot of great feedback from people who played the game after the beta release, which I am very thankful for.

Part of this release was solidifying the final roadmap for this game. I have a general idea of where I want things to end up with the game, which is great! I've been using this project as a means to learn how to make games like this and I think things have been going really well.

There are still balance and game flow issues to resolve, but things have been getting more aligned with what I expect from a final product. One of the big things that needs to get worked on are the visuals of the game. I still feel that things are a bit raw when it comes to the art style. I've been drawing a lot of this with either the mouse or a 10 year old Wacom tablet, both aren't ideal.

Hope you enjoy the update! If you make a YouTube video out of it, please shoot me a message on Twitter @ben_burnes and I'd love to share it with the world :D

New Stuff

  • Added high health spire enemy that shoots bullets randomly
  • Added warning text that pops up over the player for various game alerts (time low, boss spawning, damage up/down, no axes to throw)
  • Shop no longer automatically accessed. Enter shop by pressing E
  • Moved shop down a bit and smoothed wall collision so you can't get stuck on the shop edges any more
  • Rage bar fills slower first few waves, but then faster as the game escalates
  • Enemies spawn faster the more bosses you defeat
    • Move with left stick, aim and fire with right stick
    • Right trigger will throw axe
    • Face buttons (X, Y, A, B) will enter shop and purchase items
    • Start pauses the game

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed "stuck" menu buttons in the shop, things are much more responsive now

New Bugs!

  • Possibly some thing relating to controllers, needs more play testing.

Lingering Bugs

  • Loot drops getting lost under the game background

Planned for Next Release

  • Continuing work on SFX
  • New enemy type
  • Update some of the visual design
  • Better explain shop prerequisites
  • Start adding JUICE to the game


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Jun 23, 2019

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