Extreme Mining a0.5 Update

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Hello friends! Had an amazing burst of productivity on the game this week, largely thanks to a bunch of wonderful feedback from the public playtest at Glitch.mn. Quite a few bug fixes, including some very embarrassing ones related to gamepad support. 

I mentioned in the prior update that I was planning on making a list of all the things remaining in the game and I've mostly done that. Scope creep is really difficult to avoid right now since there are plenty of things I'd love to add, but mostly just don't think they would fit with my goal of releasing the final version of this game at the end of September.

One thing I started working on, but didn't implement in this version, was animation frames for when an enemy dies. I felt genuine sadness to hurt my little rock sons :(

Hope you enjoy the update! If you make a YouTube video out of it, please shoot me a message on Twitter @ben_burnes and I'd love to share it with the world :D

New Stuff

  • Enemy health reduced for tanks, spires, and stalagmites
  • Enemy spawn rates refined
  • Tanks spawn much less frequently
  • Updated heart container icon
  • Gimmie Health shop item scaling is more forgiving
  • Axe pickup loot has a thicker border so it's easier to notice in the game
  • Wave frequency is slightly reduced, especially later in the game
  • Loot drops is increased later in the game
  • Removed health drops for weak enemies
  • Updated game reticule so it's more consistent between resolutions
  • Fixed safe zone circle looking "tilted" when it's closer to the edges of map
  • A gun is shown around the players to help aiming
  • Added a "Tip" shop choice
  • Added a "Laser Sight" shop choice
  • Updated Shop Closed sprite

Bug Fixes

  • Resetting the game using a controller created catastrophic results
  • Boss sometime spawns at the start of the game
  • Boss sometimes would spawn right after beating a boss
  • Loot drops still getting lost under the game background
  • Removed colliders from loot. HUGE performance update
  • Deactivated shop buttons were still sometimes interactable

New Bugs!

  • Nothing I'm aware of, but I'm sure they are hiding somewhere.

Lingering Bugs

  • Nothing yet!

Planned for Next Release

  • More animation frames for enemies
  • Some animation frames for the shop
  • Better sound effects for enemies
  • Pickaxe stike more juicy!


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Aug 04, 2019

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