Extreme Mining Public b.01 Release!

Hi all! Pleased to announce that after two months of working on Extreme Mining, it's ready for a public beta release! There is still a lot more features and variety to add to the game, but I consider it at a point where I can begin to share it with a wider audience.

This build is largely thanks to a public playtest at GLITCH.MN a few days ago. I received an overwhelming amount of feedback for the game which helped nudge it into the state it currently is in.

There have been a lot of balance and flow changes to the game, and there will likely be much more over the next few updates to smooth out the game's escalation. But it feels like an actual game now and I can be proud of that :)

Having said that, if you enjoy the game, please share it with your friends! If you download it for free now, you'll get the final public release for free too :D

New Stuff

  • Added beefy tank enemy and animation
  • Tuned ranged and tank enemy spawn rates and times
  • Boss enemy now fires a burst of projectiles
  • Removed player burst fire all together
  • Lowered player speed (and also enemy speed)
  • Shop gun does more damage and scales better
  • Green circle now lasts longer before spawning enemies
  • Standing in the green circle gives you a damage bonus for that wave of enemies
  • Tuned costs and escalation for shop prices
  • Renamed RAGE bar to BOSS bar
  • Tuned Boss bar to fill up faster at start of game and slower later on
  • Some shop buttons start disabled until you buy other things
  • Once you buy the shop gun, you can "overdrive" the shop to help clear the screen, for a price
  • Added audio! Music and crummy SFX for now :)
  • Added an intro screen and main menu to start game and toggle audio
  • Enemies drop a little more loot in general
  • Loot now flies toward player in an arc
  • Buying a heart in the shop gives you a full heart
  • Fruit refills a full heart
  • Enemies get knocked back slightly by shots
  • Increased starting health to 2 hearts
  • Increased maximum heart container size
  • Added mouse reticule to the game for higher contrast.
  • If a boss is active, waves spawn slightly slower
  • Loot stays on the ground longer
  • Axes can now be thrown while also firing your gun
  • Updated all the loot sprites

Bug Fixes

  • Game can no longer spawn an enemy wave while also spawning a wave
  • Loot no longer gets collected twice sometimes

New Bugs!

  • None (that I'm aware of :)

Lingering Bugs

  • Loot drops getting lost under the game background
  • Shop buttons still don't always work on first click

Planned for Next Week

  • Working on making the UI buttons (especially in the shop) more responsive
  • Making warnings (incoming boss, timer is low) more noticeable
  • Refining SFX so they aren't so random
  • Reposition shop so it doesn't get accidentally accessed
  • More balancing


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Jun 09, 2019

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