Extreme Mining b0.3 Update!

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Hi all! As I said in the prior release notes my goal for this release was adding juice! If you aren't familiar with what "juice" is, it is often non-gameplay things that make things feel more visceral and real.  The classic example of this is screen shake.

I also added the final non-boss enemy type. The bomb tries to ram into you, but if you shoot it at range, it'll blow up in a bunch of shots. The game gets pretty chaotic now and balance is still an issue, but progress is being made!

The art style is still a bit rough, but I've been working on cleaning things up when I see issues. There is plenty more to do, but I feel like we are getting closer to a finished release.

Hope you enjoy the update! If you make a YouTube video out of it, please shoot me a message on Twitter @ben_burnes and I'd love to share it with the world :D

New Stuff

  • Slight increase to enemy health and spawn rate to raise difficulty (might have gone overboard :)
  • Smoke squibs when bullets and axes hit an object now for extra juice!
  • Added camera shake for various elements (getting hit, defeating boss, shooting, etc)
  • Added player idle and movement animation.
  • Added Rock Bomber enemy type that explodes on contact and death.
  • Added damage decals so it looks like enemy rocks chip away.
  • Tank attacks happen less frequently (they spawn spires).
  • Player and enemy sprites flip to look left and right depending on which direction they are moving.
  • Changed the way the number of enemy spawns is calculated.
  • Updated environment wall sprite.

Bug Fixes

  • Prerequisite buttons now say they need a shop gun to use.
  • Fixed bug where "push button" icon didn't disappear when you enter the shop.

New Bugs!

  • None that I know of!

Lingering Bugs

  • Loot drops still getting lost under the game background

Planned for Next Release

  • Continuing work on SFX
  • Making menus more user friendly
  • Quality of life updates with controller
  • Enemies better telegraph their attacks
  • Adding more social media stuff and "credits" page


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Jul 07, 2019

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