Extreme Mining a0.3 Update

New week, new build! Not a ton of updates to the gameplay, I know the starting gun is terrible compared to the initial enemies. However, the work is slowly coming together with some of the art. I'm thinking about moving a bit away from the "hand drawn" style and focusing more on  vector art. I still want to do more hand drawn things, but I'm a bit more comfortable with vector so for the sake of just updating things, I'll lean on my stronger suit when necessary.

This update focuses mainly around a redesign of how the shop works. I liked the idea of it popping up randomly during gameplay, but it caused a bit TOO much chaos. Maybe other kinds of powerups will pop up every few seconds?

Been some slow going, but once the bones of the game are in place I think improvements will come much faster.

New Stuff

  • Shop is now always available at the top of the screen
    • Except for when a boss is present, then the shop is closed, be sure to stock up on game time before the rage meter fills up
  • Rearranged UI so the shop is always visible on top
  • Redesigned the shop sprite
  • New player sprite! Might not be final, but I can't wait to animate this :D
  • Enemy movement now collides with walls
    • Enemies collide with each other so they can't stack up
  • Enemy movement is now a bit more random and don't just blindly chase you
  • Changed the arena layout to test walls, these walls won't be permanent but I wanted to make sure that they worked
  • There is a hard cap of 20 enemies on the screen at once (both for game difficulty and game performance)

Bug Fixes

  • Retooled the rage meter a little so things don't spiral out of control as fast, but without player upgrades this will still happen.
  • Only one boss will spawn at a time. Eventually these bosses will be much more complex to defeat with unique attacks.

New Bugs/Issues

  • Loot tends to fall "behind" the walls; it's still collectible though.


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Apr 29, 2019

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